Thursday, March 29, 2012

CanDance and a garage sale...

Okay , so I am packing for another dance competition and packaging stuff up for a garage sale at a local scrap store this weekend. 
I am swimming in supplies from the old school days and have heavily sorted stuff that my little protege will get to use, however there is still a mountain of stuff that I am willing to part with in order to buy new stuff. 
My hubby is just happy that I am downsizing , and cleaning up a bit, so don't tell him that my sales are for store credit (for new stuff) LOL

Emma and her peeps are dancing at Canada's wonderland this weekend and changing in trailers behind the theatre because it is too small to accomodate all the dancers, so she is picturing warner brothers back lot with the 'stars' trailers and I am bracing for tractor trailers with dirty floors and ramps with three white costumes and pink and tan tights ACKKKKK! I will let you know :)

Here is the group that is performing tonight...

what is it ...Break a leg?

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